Celebrating Sustainability

Celebrating Sustainability

Celebrating Sustainability

Sustainability Day happens on October 26th, and it’s a day dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of sustainable practices and their positive impact on our planet. One of the most critical aspects of sustainability is recycling. While we often discuss the challenges and obstacles in recycling, today, we’re here to highlight the success stories, focusing on what’s working well in the recycling world.

As a company, Think Patented has demonstrated a profound commitment to recycling, particularly when it comes to paper. In the past year alone, we’ve managed to recycle over 900 tons of paper! That’s a staggering amount of material diverted from landfills.

But that’s not all; our dedication to recycling extends beyond our operations. This year, we helped organize a community recycling event in partnership with Charitable Recycling and Montgomery County. Such initiatives not only reinforce our commitment to sustainability globally, but also help create a positive ripple effect locally.

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Sourcing FSC Papers: A Responsible Choice

We also show our commitment to sustainability by sourcing FSC papers whenever possible. FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council®, an organization that plays a crucial role in promoting responsible forestry practices. When a paper carries the FSC label, it signifies that the wood fiber used in its production is sourced from responsibly managed forests.

By choosing FSC-certified papers, Think Patented is contributing to the preservation of our planet’s forests and biodiversity. It’s a responsible choice that aligns with the broader goal of sustainability, ensuring that the materials we use are not contributing to deforestation or other harmful practices.

The Significance of Corporate Social Responsibility

Our success is not just about recycling and responsible paper sourcing; it’s also a way we’re helping our clients reach their own Corporate Social Responsibility goals. CSR encompasses a wide range of practices that businesses adopt to ensure they have a positive impact on society, the environment, and their stakeholders.

Here are some statistics highlighting the growing importance of CSR:

  • According to a study by Cone Communications, 87% of consumers would purchase a product based on values and would switch brands to one associated with a cause they care about.
  • The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) found that 92% of the world’s largest companies now report on their corporate responsibility and sustainability performance.
  • The 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer revealed that 64% of consumers worldwide would recommend a brand based on their commitment to societal issues.
  • A Harvard Business Review study showed that companies with strong CSR initiatives are likely to experience increased employee satisfaction and are better positioned to attract and retain talent.

Statistics like these are just a few of the data points that underscore the significance of CSR in the world today. But why should businesses specifically seek vendors and partners who practice CSR, like Think Patented?

  1. Reputation and Brand Image
    Collaborating with vendors committed to CSR enhances your company’s reputation. It demonstrates that you are aligned with ethical and sustainable values, which can build trust with customers and stakeholders.
  2. Risk Mitigation
    Vendors that practice CSR are often more aware of environmental and social risks in their supply chains. This awareness can help create peace of mind when you’re deciding which partner to choose.
  3. Ethical Considerations
    Choosing vendors that prioritize CSR reflects your business’s commitment to ethical principles. It ensures that your supply chain is free from exploitative practices, labor abuses, and environmental harm.
  4. Attraction of Like-Minded Customers
    Consumers are increasingly seeking out businesses that share their values. By working with CSR-focused vendors, you are more likely to attract customers who prioritize sustainability and ethics.
  5. Long-Term Sustainability
    CSR-oriented vendors are more likely to prioritize long-term sustainability over short-term gains. This aligns with your own sustainability goals and can lead to mutually beneficial, enduring partnerships.

As we celebrate Sustainability Day on October 26th, Think Patented is a reminder that each one of us, whether as individuals or as part of an organization, can contribute to a more sustainable future. And because of that, we want to share our success with recycling and responsible paper and product sourcing with other businesses ready to improve their commitment to CSR.

Incorporating CSR into your vendor selection process is not just a responsible choice; it’s a strategic one. It aligns your business with the values of an increasingly conscious consumer base and contributes to a more sustainable, ethical, and prosperous future for all.

Let’s celebrate sustainability and corporate social responsibility, one recycled item and one ethical partnership at a time! Ready to learn more about how we can help you increase your commitment to CSR? Call us today at 937.353.2299 or visit https://thinkpatented.com/about