Workforce Development

Miamisburg Printing Company Expands Workforce Development Effort

Niels Winther, chairman and managing partner of Think Patented

Think Patented, like many other companies in the Dayton region, is finding it increasingly difficult to find skilled workers.

“We decided some six to eight months ago that we need to be more involved in attracting young people to the industry,” said Niels Winther, chairman and managing partner of Think Patented.

The company’s strategy is based on three workforce development initiatives: internships, apprenticeships and scholarships.

A few months ago, Think Patented launched its internship program for high school students who are interested in attending two- or four-year schools. Winther said the initiative has already seen success, as they recently hired a former intern as a full-time employee. He said they are also in the process of bringing on another intern.

After establishing the internship program, Think Patented created a formalized apprenticeship program targeted at high school seniors. While it’s meant for graduating seniors and college students attending two-year schools, Winther said the program is available for “anybody that has an interest in learning a trade from the ground up.”

“Our goal is to get two apprentices hired per year,” he said. “Currently we have two apprentices going through the program right now.”

Hailing from Europe, where apprenticeships are the norm for nearly all industries, Winther believes these programs should be more readily available for young people, especially those who do not plan to attend a four-year college or university.

As an incentive to seeking a career in the printing industry, Think Patented is (also) promoting a scholarship program through the Print and Graphic Scholarship Foundation.

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