The Think Patented way.

Printing has been our core business since 1979. But we can deploy your marketing initiatives across many communications channels, giving your marketing efforts a much broader, more effective platform. Our 122,000 sq. ft. Miamisburg facility located minutes from downtown Dayton, and an additional 43,000 sq. ft. kit packing facility are in the heart of one of the nation's largest 90-minute land and air travel markets. We believe our way can be your way to greater success.

Partnering with you.
And with the world.

We are changing the landscape of marketing communications. But we are also preserving the natural landscape that we all share. Think Patented strives to use Eco Friendly Papers that are produced from sustainable and/or recycled resources. We actively participate in recycling and conservation initiatives sponsored by our vendors and community. Plus we have established strong green programs within our company.

  • FSC
  • Forest Stewardship Council
  • Green-E Energy
Doing Our Part

Doing Our Part

Think Patented was the first printing company to become FSC certified in the Dayton region. Since then, we continue to lead with green and sustainability initiatives. For us, it’s become part of the “TP Way of Life.” Our drive to be a leader in this area is simple, it’s the right thing to do; for our community, our employees and our clients.

Our Green Initiatives Include:

  • Annual Community Recycling Event
  • Automated Lighting
  • Carbon Neutral Equipment
  • Employee Green Team
  • Employee Recycling Center
  • Environmentally Friendly UV Printing
  • FSC® Certified
  • KOREnergy Electric Reduction Program
  • Low Energy LED Lights
  • Paper & Materials Recycling Program
  • Source Materials Reduction
  • Sustainable Sourced Papers
  • Water Bottle Refill Stations

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Green Report 2023
Anuual community recycle event

Health and Safety Driven

Health and Safety Driven

Think Patented is committed to maintaining compliance with all applicable environmental, health and safety regulations. We abide by all federal, state, and local laws, rules and regulations applicable to us, including all labor and immigration laws. We review our environmental and sustainability issues on an ongoing basis and have committed ourselves to making continuous improvement through employee training, employee feedback, customer interaction, vendor cooperation, and production process evaluation.

Our Health and Safety Initiatives Include:

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