Win Elections by Reaching Voters


One of the biggest challenges for passing local levies and candidates running for local or national office today is connecting with voters. Our client, running for Congress, had 3 opponents to beat in the primary to win the general election. The client wanted to diversify their messaging efforts by connecting digital channels and solutions with direct mail to reach traditional voters and absentee ballot voters. 

Campaign Objectives:

  • Stimulate voter awareness
  • Increase name/messaging recognition with voters
  • Connect with traditional and absentee ballot voters
  • Connect digital channels with direct mail


Implement an omnichannel marketing campaign utilizing Think Patented’s Political Power Up program to enhance messaging efforts. This program raises awareness by connecting direct mail with social media networks and the Google display network to reach young voters while using traditional marketing efforts to reach older voters.
The following is information and statistical data from the candidate’s campaign:

  1. Voters were identified within the district and sorted by absentee ballot voter versus in-person voting.  
  2. A total of 94,531 direct mail pieces were mailed to absentee voters and arrived in mailboxes the day before or the day their ballot was due to arrive.
  3. A USPS Informed Delivery email included a full-color, interactive ad, driving viewers directly to the candidate’s website.
  4. With Think Patented’s District Targeting and Online Follow-Up campaign accelerator, relevant online traffic was identified and digital ads were displayed to this audience a total of 509,356 times.
  5. Through the SocialMedia Follow-up, 8,119 ads were displayed.
  6. SocialMatch sent online ads to all the voters with Facebook or Instagram accounts, directing them back to the candidate’s website. A total of 21,073 ads were displayed reaching 16,580 voters.

End Results:

6.72x increase in impressions over traditional direct mail
634,581 views by potential voters
The candidate won their campaign with 58.8% OF THE VOTE and attributes the victory to the Political Power Up program. 

Attracting voters is a difficult situation in today’s political environment. Political Power Up campaigns solve this by including up to 9 different channels in a campaign. Allowing candidates to add digital channels along with direct mail to increase their message reach and successfully get votes.  

The client was most pleased with the results of this campaign and the minimal involvement required by their staff due to the program’s automation features.  

About Mail360:

Political Power Up Campaigns are run using our Mail360 platform.  

Mail360 is an advanced, automated marketing-based solution that is designed to seamlessly track the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns. It enhances the results of a direct mail campaign by integrating 11 digital platforms.

With Mail360 you can combine your direct mail campaigns with digital marketing to reinforce messaging, which increases your results by double digits or more.