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Whether you are passing a local levy or running for a national office, POLITICAL POWER UP is an invaluable tool to streamline your campaign efforts. Win the election by raising awareness with this omnichannel enhanced direct mail campaign program. Utilizing social and digital networks to reach younger voters, and traditional marketing for the older electorate demographic.
This program will connect your political mail campaign with digital channels in a streamlined, seamless way. It is a mail-centric product that utilizes digital platforms for maximum impact of direct mail campaigns. Learn more by scheduling a discovery meeting today.

Program Includes

  • Call Tracking
  • District Targeting
  • Gmail Campaign
  • Informed Delivery
  • Leadmatch
  • Mail Tracking
  • Social Match
  • Social Media Follow-Up
  • You Tube Ads

Program Outline

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Chasing the Absentee Ballot

Achieve victory in your political campaign with an ABSENTEE BALLOT CAMPAIGN. This strategy combines the power of direct mail and digital channels with laser-focused messaging that targets absentee voters for maximum impact. Discover how our expertise can elevate your campaign, engage absentee voters, and secure success in the election. Schedule a meeting today.

Program Includes

  • District Targeting
  • Informed Delivery
  • Mail Tracking
  • Social Match
  • Social Media Follow-Up

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Complete your campaign with these election essentials:


Bold and eye-catching, signage is a must-have for any campaign.

• Flags/Sails
• Magnetic Vehicle Signs
• Posters
• Retractable Banners
• Vinyl Banners
• Yard Signs

Enhanced Mail

Reach potential voters directly in their mailboxes and digital medias.

• Digital Channels
• Direct Mailers
• List Purchasing
• Post Cards
• Social Media


Encourage supporters to proudly display their support.

• Buttons and Pins
• Drinkware
• Fans
• Hats
• Pens
• T-shirts

Print Services

Inform and engage voters with vibrant, well-designed materials.

• Bumper Stickers
• Business Cards
• Brochures
• Door Hangers
• Flyers
• Leaflets
• Rack Cards
• Stationary
• Stickers

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