Winning the War for Talent

Winning the War for Talent

We have all heard of the Great Resignation impacting most businesses today. Your business is most likely no exception. According to Adrienne Altman, managing director and North American head of rewards at Willis Towers Watson, “Employers are in the middle of an intense war for talent that’s not likely to let up anytime soon. The challenge of hiring and keeping employees has now spread from isolated industries and skill sets to most industries and workforce segments.” As widespread as this epidemic is, it is important to look at ways to make your business the exception to this trend. Rather than wait for this trend to expire, take the initiative to apply some of the following actions to attract and retain the talent your company needs.

1. What makes your company different? – Describe for prospective candidates the reasons why working for your company is any different than the many other businesses trying to attract top talent. What makes your company unique and memorable?

2. Define your company’s values. – Not in the stuffy old way of listing “integrity, trustworthiness, customer-centric” and other values. The trend today is to turn these value descriptions into stories that are examples of how your company’s values have been incorporated in the actions of those who work at your company.

3. How do you gather these stories? – Give your employees permission to share their stories with you, particularly those stories that reflect your company values. Light a fire under your employees to share examples of why they are proud to work at your company.

4. Recognize your employees. – Share with prospective candidates your ongoing recognition of employees doing great things or routine things consistently well. This should apply to things inside your company as well as the positive things they do outside the company in terms of volunteer work, donations, etc. Give prospective candidates a clear picture of the peers they will be working with and the encouragement and recognition your company feels are important.

The Great Resignation is impacting most businesses in attracting the talent they need. To compete in today’s environment, it’s imperative for employers to take actions and find ways to differentiate the company’s value proposition they offer to current and prospective workers. Buck the trend by taking a proactive approach in differentiating your business with positive stories that show how your company values and recognizes its employees.

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