Website to Mailbox – How to Reach Anonymous Website Visitors

Website to Mailbox – How to Reach Anonymous Website Visitors

Ever wonder who visited your website but left without taking action? How many of your website visitors come and go daily without ever giving you their contact information? Would you like to follow up with them to “give them a second chance” to recognize your brand value, provide reinforcement of their interest, and drive them to conversion?

Per Marketo, only 4% of website visitors are ready to buy right away. Salesforce reports that it takes 6-8 marketing touches to generate a viable sales lead. Following up with prospects who visited your website but left without any action is vital and well worth the marginal additional cost of doing so.

It has been shown that 96% of website visitors will leave your website without taking action. Of this 96% who leave without taking action, you will find three types of buyers:

1. Casual Browsers

2. Undecided Buyers

3. Active Buyers

Now you can follow up with the prospective visitors who were interested enough to visit your website but never filled out a form on your website by sending retargeted direct mail pieces right to the prospect’s home USPS postal mailboxes. You no longer are left in the dark about the prospects who visited and left, leaving you without contact information for follow-up. You invested a great deal of money in your direct mail campaign as well as in your website. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover who left your website without providing contact information or moving on to conversion. You can recoup your investment with an automated “website to mailbox” solution that has proven to increase your return on investment and generate additional sales.

With “Website to Mailbox” marketing, you now have the power to send follow-up physical print postcards to prospects who visit your website even before they’ve provided you with their contact information, reinforcing a sale. Our “Website to Mailbox” solution is branded as LeadMatch. It works by using a proprietary algorithm to see if a physical address can be matched to the website visitor. If a match is found, and the prospect fits your predetermined qualifying factors, a retargeting postcard is mailed automatically within 24 hours. If you are currently driving prospects to your website through digital marketing efforts, LeadMatch gives you the ability to increase credibility by 49% by putting a physical mail piece in front of “only” your most qualified prospects. What a great opportunity to capture those “mystery” visitors to your website without any effort on your part. Remember, LeadMatch is an automated solution.

We make it possible for you to retarget the “Undecided Buyers”, which is the most likely group to be converted with a printed postcard follow-up. The postcard provides additional messaging to encourage the prospect to return to the website and take action or to simply purchase the product or service under consideration. Tap the undecided buyers to increase sales with minimal additional cost. The ROI of our solution has been proven time and time again.

You paid for your direct mail campaign. Now you can identify who came to your website from your mailing. As I stated earlier, LeadMatch is an advanced measurement solution able to track and record exactly who visited your website as a result of your mailing, regardless of whether or not they took any action.

With LeadMatch you can:

  • Get a list of who came to your website from the mailing list and what actions they took.
  • Mail to unique visitors who came to your website but who weren’t on your mailing list.
  • Eliminate the guesswork as to how effective your direct mail campaign was.

LeadMatch is appropriate for a wide range of consumer-focused markets including:

  • Higher Education
  • Business
  • Home Services
  • Non-Profits
  • Online Catalog Sales
  • Employee Recruitment
  • And so many others

As an example of the advantage of the LeadMatch solution, I offer the following statistics.

Business #1:

  • Mailed 32,249 direct mail pieces.
  • 98.333% were delivered.
  • LeadMatch allowed them to capture who came to their website whether they were on the mail list or not. An additional 579 leads were acquired. These additional leads would not have been identified for follow-up without utilizing the LeadMatch
  • This campaign had an overall impression count of 227,151 (views by potential customers). That’s a 7x increase in impressions over a traditional direct mail campaign not using

Business #2:

  • With LeadMatch technology, this client achieved over 30,000 website visitors who did not visit the vanity URL but were traced back to the mailing.
  • They achieved a 6.5% conversion rate using LeadMatch .

Business #3:

  • The direct mail campaign targeted shopping cart abandonment.
  • Over 25,000 shopping carts were tracked during the campaign.
  • 2,857 abandoned shopping carts were identified over a 30-day period.
  • Over 58% of converting consumers that were retargeted completed their purchase within 3 weeks of receiving the mailer.

Direct mail retargeting using the LeadMatch program can lead to a 14% decrease in abandoned shopping carts and an 8% increase in average order size. Nearly 68% of marketers who used retargeted direct mail reported an increase in website traffic. Direct mail retargeting has an average response rate of 9-18%.

80% of sales come from 20% of customers. You can increase purchase reorder size and frequency by cultivating relationships with your existing customers. Direct mail retargeting should include exclusive shopping perks and offers to encourage repeat purchases.

There are four keys to success using the LeadMatch direct mail retargeting program.

1. Speed – Aim to have a personalized piece out within 48-72 hours of their website visit.

2. Personalization – Use the recipient’s website activity to customize visuals and messaging to that specific person.

3. Messaging – Ensure that messaging is consistent with other marketing channels to reinforce your effectiveness.

4. Call To Action – Ensure that your follow-up postcard has a clear, concise call to action to increase website returns/conversions or sales.

You paid for your direct mail campaign. Now you can identify who came to your website from your mailing. LeadMatch is an advanced measurement solution able to track and record exactly who visited your website as a result of your mailing, regardless of whether or not they took any action. Automatically sending a retargeted or follow-up postcard has an average response rate of 9-18%, well above the response rate of a stand-alone direct mail campaign.

For more information on LeadMatch, website to mailbox marketing, and retargeted direct mail, contact your Think Patented account executive or call 937.353.2299.