UNLOCK THE FUTURE: How marketers are harnessing AI for innovation and growth

UNLOCK THE FUTURE: How marketers are harnessing AI for innovation and growth

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, marketers are increasingly embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation to fuel innovation and growth. This shift sees AI transforming from a tool for executing menial tasks to a comprehensive assistant that enhances various aspects of marketing strategies. The adoption of data-driven approaches has notably increased, with a significant focus on using data to guide marketing decisions. Generative AI (GAI), in particular, has emerged as a powerful ally, proving effective in roles ranging from content creation to data analysis. Here’s an insightful look into how AI is reshaping marketing, highlighting its pivotal role and potential for future advancements.


64% of marketers already use AI and automation.
62% find AI important to their marketing.
38% of those who don’t use AI plan to in 2024.
6 in 1 of AI and automation users analyze data with AI.
1 in 5 marketers said using data to inform marketing strategy became more important from 2022 to 2023.
20% of marketers see AI primarily taking over menial tasks.
60% of marketers see AI as an assistant that helps them across their job duties.
81% of marketers using GAI (Generative AI) say it’s effective at assisting them in their role.
63% of marketers believe that in 2024, most content will be created at least in part with the help of Generative AI.
56% of marketers who use Generative AI for content creation say it performs better than content created without it.
61% of marketers who use AI and automation use Generative AI to do research.

The top most successful use case for AI is research:
51% ranked it as #1.
31% ranked it above content creation.
30% ranked it above data analysis and reporting.

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