Trade Show Season is Upon Us

Trade Show Season is Upon Us

The busy season for trade show events is here and they are back in full swing. How will you put your best foot forward to attract prospects, reinforce customers, and promote your brand? After evaluating your existing booth and display, as well as previous messaging, do you truly believe that these efforts will suffice this year? Much can change in a year. Your brand messaging may need an overhaul. Your display may not be up to snuff for this year’s shows. Or you may be late in reviewing your displays and need a quick turnaround for replacements. How about an online solution for a variety of display, banner, and signage solutions? One other issue. How are you going to drive prospects and customers to your booth? Have you thought about all of these?

Let’s look at some of these trade show display elements. If your current display is out of the question for this year, Think Patented designers can design a new display for you. Experienced and creative, these designers will gather your needs and develop an exciting new solution. Up to date on the latest trends and materials, our designers understand how to attract show attendees, reinforce your brand, and optimize traffic flow. Having an open, inviting space makes your exhibit and company stand out from the crowd. Eliminating barriers that stop people from coming in or leaving is a great way to attract potential customers. You want attendees to feel free to walk in and out of the exhibit. It starts with the design process. 

Effective booth design can help to generate more leads and create a bigger buzz around your business. Your booth should be the one everyone at the show is talking about, and that the media persons there are reporting on. Make smart investments to get your booth looking as current and unique as possible. Think Patented designers can respond creatively and efficiently to help you with an effective booth design. They can turn the designs over to you or produce the entire display for you. A one-stop shop makes the process easy.

What if you need to replace your current booth with a new portable display that can reduce overall costs? Maybe you just need to modify the messaging. Either way, a great way to start is to access the online TP Print Hub.

The TP Print Hub gives you access to a variety of display and signage products. It is easy to upload artwork and order turnaround is fast, so your order is ready on time for your upcoming event. We recognize that workdays are packed and many overwhelmed marketing executives have to burn some midnight oil. The is an ideal solution that won’t tie up excessive time. It has been proven to be a great “work in your pajamas” resource!

By quickly reviewing the many product options displayed on the site, you can find great solutions to meet your company’s needs. With the variety of products on the site, you may even spark an idea for your next assignment.

No meetings or phone calls are needed when you order online, saving you time out of your hectic day. Review the options, select a product, upload your high-resolution PDF, and complete your purchase with a credit card. What can be less stressful or convenient than that? Whether from the office or your family room couch, it doesn’t get much easier. Reduce the stress in your day by ordering online from the TP Print Hub. Even searching for custom products is quick and easy. Don’t see what you are looking for? Fill out a short form online and Think Patented will send you a response right away. Items like banners, tabletops, and back-lit displays can be quickly designed and produced in-house. Go to to view all of the available options.

What about a promotional item? We also have a huge variety of promotional items. ASI Certified with a full-time dedicated staff Think Patented can identify, source, and deliver the appropriate promotional item for pre-show mailing or booth distribution. You can go to to see for yourself.

Need marketing assistance in planning, mailing, or emailing pre-show publicity? Our in-house mailing experts are among the best in the country. They’ve earned the certifications, national awards, and recognition others only aspire to achieve. We’ll help you build your distribution plan, train your staff on postal regulations, or simply take your project and data and handle everything for you—leveraging all of the technology and discounts available.

How about an omnichannel approach that complements your direct mail efforts to drive traffic to the show and specifically to your booth? According to a survey by Aspect Software, companies that adopt an omnichannel strategy achieve 91% greater year-over-year customer retention rates compared to those that do not. This shows that you not only drive traffic with omnichannel tools but you also initiate the beginning of customer loyalty.

An effective omnichannel tool is Think Patented’s Mail360. It is an advanced marketing-based solution that is designed to enhances the results through the integration of digital platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram, then seamlessly track the effectiveness of your pre-show direct mail campaigns. You can combine your direct mail promotion with digital marketing reinforcement to increase your results by double digits or more.

Also, interactive designers at Think Patented can create new videos for presentation at your event. This can be an excellent way to display your products or services. Interactive programs can entice booth visitors to stay longer and get a better understanding of your brand’s advantages.

Tradeshows are coming back quickly and stronger than before. You don’t want to miss an opportunity. After evaluating your booth and display, as well as previous messaging, do you truly believe that it will suffice this year? Your brand messaging may need an overhaul. Your display may not be up to snuff for this year’s shows. Or you may be late in reviewing your displays and need a quick turnaround for replacements. Think Patented has many solutions to your tradeshow or event quandaries. Don’t delay. Look at the solutions presented herein and have the best show ever!

For further assistance and support for all your trade show needs, contact your Think Patented account executive or call 937.353.2299.