Supply Chain Disruptions Impacting Marketing?

Supply Chain Disruptions Impacting Marketing?

The return of business levels post Covid has been dampened by the issues with supply chains. All businesses have been affected by shortages of materials, long lead times, and inflationary pressures that are creating issues with businesses nationwide. Stack on top of the supply concerns, the lack of an available workforce that is causing some businesses to reduce hours, limit services, or close altogether and you can understand why business leaders have their hands full.

So how does this impact marketing? With C-level leaders attention diverted by the issues stated above, the screening of calls and emails that everyone is experiencing today, and the current work-from-home scenarios, it is no wonder sales and marketing people are being taxed to the max. What should sales and marketing directors do to generate increased revenue from targeted prospects that have become nearly invisible.

Customers still want to engage, but also learn ways to execute ideas to get through their pain. Nobody wants to purchase another course, class, system, methodology, etc., but they absolutely want to buy results. Marketers must focus on this marketplace transformation, not the vehicle. The vehicle will be determined by the customer.

The heart of marketing, whether you can physically sit with your clients or engage virtually, remains the same. There are expectations that must be established and strategies that must be implemented. Above all, putting a face with the name underlines the genuine human connection at marketing’s core. The game is still the same, even if the rules and methodology change. The marketing process is still about connection. Stop pitching and start connecting.

Stop focusing on likes, followers, and views, and focus on serving people who have challenges you can solve. This continues to be the basis for customer satisfaction with and preference for you and your company. Today, the approach may have changed but the reward for solving problems and producing results has not.

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