Reduce Postage Costs by 2-3%

Reduce Postage Costs by 2-3%

The United States Postal System (USPS) is offering brands the opportunity to reduce postage costs by 2-3% with the Emerging and Advanced Technology Promotion. This promotion runs between March 1 and August 31, 2022. This promotion will help businesses offset the USPS postage rate adjustments. For businesses that use high-volume direct mail programs, these savings can be significant. This promotion rewards marketers for using direct mail to promote interaction with specific evolving technologies that promise to best engage consumers.

In today’s marketplace, new technologies tend to be readily adopted by consumers if the perceived benefits align with their wants and needs. Here are four categories of technology that are part of the latest USPS promotion. Any or all of these will enhance the results of your direct mail program.

1. Integration with Enhanced Augmented Reality – an interactive experience for consumers that incorporates actual objects

2. Integration with Voice Assistants – brands can create custom voice commands to deliver unique consumer experiences

3. Integration with Near Field Communication (NFC) – an NFC chip can be embedded in your mail piece to trigger audio/visual experiences on the consumer’s mobile device

4. Integration with Video in Print (VIP) technology – shoppable video links that allow consumers to make purchases; the consumer’s mobile device camera is used to access additional on-screen content

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the USPS Emerging and Advanced Technology Promotion. The savings could be beneficial to you in terms of reductions in your postage budget for 2022. As mobile and other print technologies evolve, mail has the potential to offer greater value by engaging customers in new and exciting ways. Use the latest technologies to boost your brand awareness, highlight product features, provide key information, send an exciting offer, or engage with your customers in new ways.

Choose one of these three options to ensure postal eligibility. Make sure the shape (letter, card, or flat) and class are eligible.

  • First-Class Mail letters, cards and flats
  • USPS® Marketing Mail letters and flats
  • Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail letters and flats

Think Patented employs in-house mailing experts that are among the best in the country. We’ll help you train your staff on postal regulations, or simply take your project and data and handle everything for you, leveraging all of the technology and discounts available… particularly the 2022 Emerging and Advanced Technology Promotion.

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