Pain Point #9: Consistent Print Quality

Pain Point #9: Consistent Print Quality

Pain Point #9: Consistent Print Quality

For over eight decades, The Way, a renowned non-profit organization dedicated to spreading its message of power, believing and deliverance, has been setting high standards for their promotional materials. Year after year, they produce marketing collateral and study tools that not only inspire, but also deliver. Think Patented has been their printing and finishing partner for more than two decades.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into pain point #9: how The Way is ensuring print quality not just today, but for years to come… And how TP has become their unwavering partner in this journey.

The Challenge: Consistency in Print Quality
In the past, The Way used gloss-coated stock for their materials, which offered the colors and detail they wanted… However, they faced a dilemma. How could they switch to more tactile uncoated stock while still maintaining print quality, considering that uncoated stock typically has a propensity for less vibrancy in colors and detail?

Solution: A Trusted Partner in Printing
The Way knew they could trust Think Patented to deliver a solution. Why? Because over the last two decades, we have proven ourselves to be more than just a printing partner; we are proud to be an integral part of The Way’s mission.

Color Accuracy and Pop Image

Here’s how we tackled their challenge head-on:

  1. Color Accuracy and Pop
    Using advanced printing techniques and the latest technology, TP is able to ensure that each piece retains the expected finish, regardless of the change in material from glossy to uncoated stock. As one of ONLY 6 Pantone® Certified printers in the world, TP has mastered the art of maintaining consistent superior color output across all equipment and substrates including uncoated stock.
  1. Precise Finishing
    Printing is only half the battle… Finishing options can make a big difference in the outcome of any print project. By ensuring that folds are precise and edges are sharp, we are also able to ensure an elevated, professional finish on each piece.
  1. Long-Term Relationship
    One of the most significant factors in this success story is the long-term partnership between The Way and TP. This depth of understanding allows TP to deliver consistent results year after year, building a level of trust that is built on two decades of understanding the client’s expectations.

Here are some statistics that highlight the importance of working with the right partner, especially for non-profits:

First Impressions Matter: According to a study by the Print Industries Association, 42% of people base their first impressions of a non-profit organization on its print materials. This underscores the critical role that print quality plays in shaping perceptions of charitable organizations.

Print and Mission Impact: Research conducted by philanthropic organizations indicates that 60% of donors find printed materials more trustworthy than digital ones.

Retention and Recall: A study published in the Journal of Philanthropy found that donors who receive print materials from non-profits are more likely to remember and contribute to those organizations. Print advertising has a lasting impact on donor engagement.

Donor Trust and Loyalty: The National Philanthropic Trust reports that 75% of donors feel more comfortable contributing to a non-profit organization that provides printed materials explaining their mission. Print materials can build trust and long-term donor loyalty.

The Way’s journey is a testament to the importance of finding the right partners in the non-profit sector. The transition from gloss coated stock to uncoated was a risk, but TP turned it into an opportunity to showcase The Way’s commitment to quality.

For non-profit organizations seeking a partner that can deliver print quality year after year, The Way’s story with TP is an inspiring example. It demonstrates that when trust, expertise, and commitment converge, you can achieve marketing that delivers for decades.

In a world of ever-changing trends and technology, some partnerships remain timeless. Remember, print quality is not just about ink on paper; it’s about making a lasting impact on your audience, especially when your mission is as important as The Way’s.

Are you part of a non-profit organization with similar challenges in conveying your message effectively? Our print specialists can help you achieve consistent, high-quality print materials that leave a lasting impression. Call us today at 937.353.2299 or visit