Meeting Your Need for Color Consistency

Meeting Your Need for Color Consistency

Color adds the flash to any print materials you are using to impress targeted audience groups and drive interest in your company’s products. Color is expected. Color is exciting. Bright, colorful print materials are the trend in 2021. You chose the color for your product carefully and with purpose. You don’t need color variations in your print materials to waste your color selection efforts. And what about facial skin tones of your spokes people? Do they really look like that?

The point we want to make here is consistency. You want all brochures to be the exact same color consistently throughout the run. How can you ensure consistency? Look for a printer that is Pantone Certified and proudly displays the certification symbol. It is a visual indicator of color consistency in the first piece that matches the last piece and in the colors and tones you wish to see. There are only 13 Pantone Certified printers in the world. Think Patented is one of those printers.

Talk about consistency, you can print your materials at Think Patented, and then print your piece at any other Pantone Certified printer throughout the world and the colors will match. This is particularly critical when selling internationally and printing locally worldwide. You receive the consistency that is needed. Your product appears dark red in every printed brochure, not dark red in one country and nearly purple in another.

But what if you need a short run that may not be cost-effective to print offset? Today, digital printing has progressed so far in terms of quality and consistency that the piece printed digitally looks and feels like offset. Think Patented can maintain color consistency on short-runs or brochures incorporating variable data using the latest technology advancements in digital printing. Color consistency is maintained through non-stop color calibration. Try that on just any digital press. Impossible.

You invested dollars in selecting the color of your product. Why throw your money away printing the product marketing materials with inconsistency in the printed colors throughout the print run. Quality is critical. Color consistency portrays your product properly.