Marketing in a World of Uncertainty

Marketing in a World of Uncertainty

Given the overwhelming anxiety and fear that we’ve felt over the last year and a half, it is no wonder that there is a bit of reticence these days. We have some hesitancy about moving forward, mostly due to an overall fatigue of change. We’ve simply had so much of our lives altered due to the pandemic. We have homeschooled our kids, Zoomed ourselves senseless, and been socially isolated.

People found new routines and new workarounds. We navigated our way through and have discovered that we have a responsibility to each other and that we care about each other. In turn, we have had the remarkable opportunity to reprioritize and to adopt a new way of thinking with respect to our clients and the corresponding macro-environment.

Regardless of the anxiety that everyone feels, we need a new mindset of living with uncertainty. It is possible that we have been changed forever and that we now find ourselves in a fluid, complex new reality with uncertainty at every turn.

We are essentially walking into the unknown and there is no way around that. And as marketers, we have to embrace uncertainty as part of our brand promise and let our communities know that we are confident in a confusing world and that our relationship with them is what sustains us.

We cannot play it safe and be successful. When we’re confronted with the fogginess of an unknown, unmapped reality, all we can do is the next right thing. We have to take the next step again and again. As marketers of successful businesses, we have to acknowledge and embrace the inherent uncertainty in the heart of life. And we have to have a new level of creativity and believe that new possibilities will be found.