It is a “Me” Time

It is a “Me” Time

How personalization (and technology) is driving marketing’s future.

Marla Malkin compares what she does to a composer. As a longtime marketer, PR professional and fractional CMO, she has spent the past three decades harmoniously blending marketing automation and personnel to direct and execute the right programs for her clients. With a focus on developing strategic partnerships, she wholeheartedly believes that personal relationships + networking = winning engagements.

Today, as VP of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships with The Attivo Group, she focuses on brand awareness, lead generation and business growth across the U.S. This includes implementing savvy data-driven strategies in B2B and B2C marketing, entering new markets, and product launches.

We asked her to share some insights on what the year ahead in marketing holds in today’s ever-evolving landscape.

What are the biggest trends (and challenges) defining today’s marketing landscape?
Many of the trends are not new, but how we are using and combining marketing tactics is different. There’s no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) will remain current and a way that marketers can leverage current knowledge bases. This will be fine-tuned and people will use it differently.

For example, close manipulation by choosing specific questions and cues will prompt better results. AI content is not original content and this needs to be addressed all the time so people are paid and receive credit for original work.

Marketing automation has been with us for a long time, but having a way to handle multi-channel marketing through email campaigns, social media and all sources continues to be a must. The new automation marketing role within companies is a technical role that is being included in marketing org charts. Executive Branding is a key element. People at the helm of a company or the idea makers behind a company must continue to be present through blogging, podcasts, speaking engagements and other ways.

Thought leadership is important to propel the person and/or the business, increase its acceptance, and its value. Experiential marketing is also a trend. This includes any time that a target market is somehow immersed in the brand through on-ground marketing or demonstrations of a product or service.

How does digital marketing continue to impact traditional advertising strategies?
Companies are now able to develop laser-focused content, and this impacts advertising greatly. New ways to do that are coming to the forefront every day. Staying on top of it is a must.

What role does personalization play in creating effective marketing campaigns? Why is it important for brands to leverage data to achieve this?
Personalization and micro-targeting are important since it encourages the audience to actually trust you. It is a “me” time (unfortunately or fortunately). People want to know you are talking to them with compassion and knowledge.

In a digitally saturated world, how can brands cut through the noise and create meaningful connections with their target audience?
Brands must micro-target their audiences with messages that are clear, concise and to the point of what will solve their pain issues.

How is the integration of AI and machine learning technologies revolutionizing customer insights, lead generation and marketing automation?
AI data analysis for KPIs is key to understanding customer insights, then acting and reacting to their cues to shift and crystallize marketing programs. AI-based hyper-targeted content is the future for creating optimal customer experiences and satisfaction.

What advice can you offer marketers heading into 2024?
Don’t be afraid to be bold and push the creative envelope. Don’t be afraid of AI. We have not yet replaced human intellect, knowledge, and hard work. There has never been a better time to demonstrate that you can make a difference.

Make no mistake about it, there is a great deal that AI can do and is taking the place of many people at a time. Your education, experience and capacity to influence and engage has never been more necessary to brand and market products and services.

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