Improve Your Kitting and Packaging and Save Money

Improve Your Kitting and Packaging and Save Money

Some of the critical aspects of kitting and packaging are security, accuracy and timely turnaround time in fulfillment. Many businesses have come to recognize the advantages to outsourcing these endeavors to a reliable and clean fulfillment center, professionals in terms or manpower training, automated processes, accuracy, and security. Outsourcing frees space within your facility to be used for more productive, specialized activities. It also shifts headcount to more productive activities than kitting and packaging.

Kitting is the process of taking multiple SKUs and combining them in a package to create one new SKU using a system that accurately manages inventory, as products go from units to kits.

Packaging is the process of preparing the final “kit” SKU for shipment.

Both kitting and packaging are part of the overall fulfillment process.

A centrally located fulfillment center can economically and efficiently provide the following advantages for your kitting and packaging needs:

  • Warehousing – in a clean, dry, humidity-controlled environment to protect your items
  • Staging – adequate room and organization to gather all SKUs that will be kitted
  • Trained Professionals – experienced in all aspects of kitting and packaging with adequate cross-training to seamlessly maintain fulfillment processes
  • Automated Systems and Processes – to ensure accuracy and efficient workflow
  • Manage Order Surges – when you need more people on the job to meet order demand, a professional fulfillment center has the manpower to satisfy order surges
  • Security – protection of your materials as well as protection of your data are priorities of a professional fulfilment center.

Think Patented operates a complete fulfillment center at its facility in Miamisburg, centrally located in southwest Ohio. No kitting and packaging account is too large or too small. You can reduce your costs and turnaround time, increase your efficiency, security, and accuracy.