How to Select a Wide Format Printer

How to Select a Wide Format Printer

What should you look for when selecting a wide format printer? This question may not normally arise… until you need to find a resource. Whether it is for an upcoming trade show, window display, or office signs, you will need to select a high-quality, reliable wide format printer.

Wide format display graphics are a great way to enhance your brand messaging efforts on a large scale. The technology is evolving rapidly allowing printers to produce an extensive array of display graphics on an even wider assortment of materials. Today, wide format printing display graphics are more creative, beautiful, and affordable than ever before.

When looking for a wide format printer, there are several aspects that you should consider.

Make sure the printer’s equipment is modern and well maintained. Ask about the operators’ experience. Examine samples of the printer’s work to evaluate quality. Ask about turnaround time. Can they meet hot deadlines? Will their service team keep you informed as to the status of your project? Can they provide you with professional recommendations to optimize results? 

Lastly, select a wide format printer that designs, prints, and finishes completely in-house. This ensures quality, a smooth production process, timely delivery, and economical cost. Think Patented offers such services and handles everything in-house under one roof.

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