How to Manage an Overly Successful Campaign

How to Manage an Overly Successful Campaign

Pain Point #8: Too Many Leads!?

When you make a marketing investment, the hope is always to see the return on that investment in a big way. However, what happens when your campaign’s success surges, presenting an unforeseen challenge—the need to cut back? While it might seem paradoxical to view success as a pain point, it’s one of those good problems that we do see happen with our clients.

Challenge: Imagine launching a marketing campaign to attract new customers. Now envision that the campaign not only meets its goals, but surpasses them. While this can be exciting, it can also create a set of complications, especially for businesses that find themselves unprepared to respond to a surge in demand.

We recently saw this happen with one of our Mail360 customers. We worked with a local heating and air company to execute an integrated marketing campaign. The strategy that we helped them develop resonated well with their audience, leading to an inundation of inquiries, orders, and service requests. This sudden boost in business confirmed their investment was worthwhile, but it also created the challenge of how to effectively manage the increase in demand. Thankfully, we were able to bring them solutions to re-organize their investment, buying them time to manage the influx of new business while also ensuring they could service new customers in a timely manner that met their established service standards.

This example is why it’s so important to secure a marketing partner that understands scale. Sometimes businesses need to ramp up, but sometimes they also need to ride the wave into more manageable territory.


Below are some examples of solutions a skilled marketing partner can help implement for businesses that might need to hit pause:

  1. Spacing Out Future Mailings: The optimal way to manage the surge of business driven by an overachieving campaign is to thoughtfully space out future marketing initiatives. By controlling the pace at which new leads enter, businesses can ensure their operations and customer service teams are able to accommodate the increased workload while maintaining service excellence. This approach prevents exhaustion and guarantees the consistent delivery of outstanding service.
  2. Prioritizing Customer Experience: Even during periods of heightened demand, upholding exceptional customer satisfaction is non-negotiable. By emphasizing outstanding service and maintaining transparent communication with customers about potential delays, a business can cultivate trust and loyalty. This proactive strategy counteracts any adverse effects of slowing down the campaign’s momentum and preserves positive customer relationships.
  3. Scaling Operations: Faced with an unexpected influx of demand, temporary scaling of operations might be the most prudent course of action. This could entail recruiting additional personnel, outsourcing specific tasks, or deploying technological solutions to streamline processes. Although scaling presents its challenges, it’s an anticipatory measure to ensure the business adeptly manages the heightened demand without sacrificing service quality.
  4. Spreading Out the Investment: Rather than immediately pouring all newfound resources into rapid expansion, consider a more gradual investment approach over an extended period. This measured strategy facilitates steady growth and guarantees that the business’s infrastructure and resources can effectively handle increased demand. Furthermore, it mitigates the risk of overextending resources and provides a buffer for unpredictable fluctuations.

Transforming Challenges into Triumphs

While managing the “good problem” of overwhelming campaign success, it’s important to recognize that quick growth can bring about unforeseen complexities. Businesses must be agile and poised to adapt when confronted with a sudden surge in demand.

Like our experience with the heating and air company, it’s important to pick a partner you can trust to bring solutions to the table when it feels like leads are coming too fast. A well-executed approach should help any business manage its outcomes, but still, the value in an integrated marketing campaign is the ability to pivot when needed. The right marketing partner can help you anticipate outcomes and think on your feet.

When the problem is too much of a good thing, you have options! By implementing strategic pacing, prioritizing impeccable customer experiences, orchestrating measured operational expansion, and thoughtfully reallocating investments, you can turn challenge into opportunity with the right set of solutions… And we can help!

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