How Important is a Website to Your Business?

How Important is a Website to Your Business?

In 2021, there are over 4.6 billion internet users and over 1.8 billion websites. These impressive statistics drive home the point that websites are critical to the success of your business. You need to attract and engage this growing base of online users, capturing your fair share of prospects interested in your company, brand, products, and services.

Having a website and online presence helps to establish the credibility of your business. It is the front door to your business, oftentimes the first interaction between a potential customer and your business. A website not only gives credibility but it also helps to instill a positive impression that your company is bigger, or better able to serve their needs, or even more successful. This first impression is critical.

But with the large number of websites available to the web browsing audience, how do you capture the attention of your target prospects? Review the following six elements of a successful website that will attract prospects, effectively communicate with customers, and add revenue to your business.

  1. Your website needs to be modern and engaging as well as compliant with today’s trends and industry standards.
  2. The user experience is critical. Over 89 percent of consumers will visit or shop with your competitor after a poor user experience. (Web FX) Test your website thoroughly and frequently to improve the user experience.
  3. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. A big part of that is having a responsive website. When you use a responsive design there is no need to have a separate mobile app. This means that any updates you make in your content management system translate on mobile as well. Always check your website on a smartphone and mobile devices to ensure you are providing the best mobile experience possible. Mobile devices generate 54.8 percent of global website traffic. (Statista, 2021)
  4. Navigation is crucial to any good website because it impacts the user experience on such a significant level. A pretty website is nice, but your site architecture is one of the most important parts of your website design.
  5. For your website to be really effective, you need to use plenty of visual content to grab and hold your audience’s attention. Engage them with photos, videos, and infographics to get your messaging across.
  6. You want to make sure you keep your website content updated and refreshed on a regular basis with new things such as content, informational videos, testimonials, business updates, and more. Consider adding a blog to your website. The value of a blog should not be underestimated. A blog that you update regularly with fresh content builds trust, shows market leadership, and helps your site rank higher.

Power up your online presence with engaging, ecommerce and interactive websites that drive sales. Make them priority tools that drive your success.

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