Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

Maximizing Your Giving Tuesday Impact: A Guide for Non-Profits
Giving Tuesday, a philanthropic movement celebrated in November, holds immense significance for non-profit organizations. It’s a time when people are inspired to make a difference, presenting a “can’t miss” opportunity for non-profits. However, to truly stand out on Giving Tuesday, organizations must be proactive. In this blog, we’ll explore how getting out in front of donors can help non-profits maximize their Giving Tuesday efforts and increase their impact.

Why Giving Tuesday Matters
Giving Tuesday follows Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, providing non-profit organizations with a dedicated day for fundraising and community engagement. It’s a global movement that encourages people to support the causes they are passionate about. For non-profits, it’s not just an opportunity to raise funds, but also a chance to connect with supporters, foster relationships, and generate awareness for their missions.

The Significance of Proactivity
To make the most of Giving Tuesday, non-profit organizations must plan well in advance. One critical aspect of preparation is considering the lead times for promotional items and campaign materials. Vendors often experience a surge in orders during this time of year, which can lead to delays. Waiting until the last minute to plan your Giving Tuesday initiatives may result in missed opportunities to effectively engage your audience.

Mail360 Campaigns Deliver with Geotargeting and Geofencing
To get ahead of the curve and ensure your Giving Tuesday campaign reaches its full potential, consider implementing a Mail360 campaign from Think Patented, leveraging geotargeting and geofencing. These innovative tools allow you to target specific geographic areas with your messages, ensuring that your efforts are reaching the right people at the right time.

Google / Social Media Geotargeting: This approach involves tailoring your content based on the location of your target audience. By analyzing location data, you can customize your messaging to align with the interests and needs of your supporters. Google geotargeting reaches qualified prospects in select locations, ensuring your advertising is viewed by the people who are most likely to take immediate action to your messaging. Social Media geotargeting broadens your advertising reach while still targeting qualified prospects by showing social media advertising in a user’s Facebook and Instagram feeds based on their location.

Addressable Geo: Geofencing takes geotargeting a step further. Geofence the residential or business address of mail recipients to serve ads through the display network to all devices at the address. Track conversions to your website with our sophisticated pixel technology or by foot traffic in stores or commerce locations through alerts on their mobile devices.

Retargeting: Reach out to those who have visited your website but have not completed a donation through a Direct Mail Retargeting campaign. Direct mail retargeting is the practice of sending personalized letters, flyers, or postcards to website visitors who have shown a strong likelihood of making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, or completing an application but did not convert.

Marketing Makes the Difference
Effective marketing strategies are critical for non-profits in making a lasting impact on the communities they serve. These statistics underline the essential role that marketing plays in raising awareness, acquiring donors, increasing donations, and building trust for non-profit organizations:

  1. Increased Awareness: 79% of donors state that they first learn about a non-profit organization through online sources and marketing efforts. (Source: Nonprofit Tech for Good)
  2. Donor Acquisition: 82% of non-profits believe that social media is effective for donor acquisition. (Source: Nonprofit Tech for Good)
  3. Email Marketing Impact: Email marketing has an average ROI of 38:1 for non-profits, making it one of the most cost-effective marketing channels. (Source: Campaign Monitor)
  4. Impact of Video: Videos on social media can increase donations for non-profits by up to 140%. (Source: Classy)
  5. Mobile Giving: Over 25% of online donations to non-profits are made via mobile devices, emphasizing the need for mobile-friendly marketing strategies. (Source: MobileCause)
  6. Impact on Volunteer Recruitment: 65% of non-profits say that social media is effective for recruiting volunteers. (Source: Nonprofit Tech for Good)
  7. Recurring Giving: Non-profits with strong marketing strategies for recurring giving programs can increase their donor lifetime value by up to 300%. (Source: Neon One)

The “Rule of 7”

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The “Rule of 7” suggests that individuals need to encounter a message at least seven times before taking action. This is why Mail360 makes sense. With Mail360, we custom-create campaigns that combine direct mail with other cross-platform advertising options. Campaigns run for 30 days on various platforms, including direct mail, e-mail, social media, and mobile, ensuring that your message is seen multiple times consistently across different media.

By adhering to the “Rule of 7,” Mail360 campaigns significantly increase your chances of making a lasting impression on your potential donors. This sustained exposure keeps your cause at the forefront, making it more likely that supporters will take action, whether that involves making a donation, volunteering, or spreading the word about your Giving Tuesday initiatives.

How TP Supports Non-Profit Organizations
At Think Patented, we recognize the important role that non-profit organizations play in the spaces they serve, and we’re dedicated to helping you make the most of Giving Tuesday. We are proud to serve a large number of non-profits by providing customized Mail360 campaigns with geotargeting and geofencing options. Our expertise ensures that your Giving Tuesday efforts will reach your intended audience effectively, enhancing your potential for impact and success.

Giving Tuesday represents an incredible opportunity for non-profit organizations to amplify their missions, engage with supporters, and generate funds. This year, try planning with a partner! Our marketing specialists can help you plan a successful Giving Tuesday campaign, using our proven tools.

We’re here to support you in making a meaningful difference on Giving Tuesday and beyond. Ready to learn more about how Mail360 cross-media marketing is making the difference for non-profits? Call us today at 937.353.2299 or visit