Five Step Plan to Content Marketing

Five Step Plan to Content Marketing

All marketers are talking about “content” these days. It can be the number one means of communicating with prospects and customers to inform or reinforce your brand. I say it “can” be because not all companies are doing a good job of content development or even content distribution. For content to truly be king, mastering your skills is what will separate you from other brands. Once you get your audience hooked, they will continue to follow you.

I suggest the following five step plan to ensure an effective content marketing program:

Step 1 – Get Disciplined

Set your targets, goals, and objectives for your content and continually deliver on it. Be sure to routinely measure your efforts and adjust content accordingly.

Step 2 – Get Focused

Make content the number one priority on your 2022 to-do list, and beyond. Making, keeping, and growing your content marketing connections will create a competitive advantage for your company.

Step 3 – Get Human

Build relationships with your prospects and customers through effective content development. Use your content to help humanize your brand. By being more than just a logo and/or name, your audience will know there are people behind the promise that they can trust.

Step 4 – Create a Hook

This is the simplest twist on a familiar marketing approach to connect your content with your audience. Make your content unique and ownable. Establish a message that attracts readership and conversion. Ensure there is no question that it is from you.

Step 5 – Fail to Prepare; Prepare to Fail

It is critical to learn and grow from your failures. Figure out what works, what doesn’t, what’s next and why. Adjust your approach and messaging and continue to develop the relationship you seek for your brand.

To make your content truly king, you can apply these five steps to create a content marketing program that will separate you from other brands. Do not get frustrated with an ineffective campaign. Continue to grow your skills to establish solid audience relationships. Remember, consistency is the key to creating sustainable and manageable content marketing programs.

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