Expanding to Meet Customers’ Outsourced Fulfillment Needs

Expanding to Meet Customers’ Outsourced Fulfillment Needs

Most businesses understand how outsourced fulfillment eliminates the capital investment, overhead, headcount and personnel retention issues of maintaining internal fulfillment operations. In-house operations also limit growth opportunities due to a physical facility that oftentimes the business has outgrown.

How could you use that space and shift the headcount to areas that actually utilize resources in areas that grow revenue, the areas in which you specialize?

Think Patented sees outsourced fulfillment services as a major growth area, most requested by regional and national clients that recognize the cost savings and improved turnaround time when fulfillment services are left to outsourced professionals. That is why Think Patented is expanding its current fulfillment capabilities, by adding an additional 47,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art fulfillment center. It is driven by customer demand for expanded warehousing, fulfillment, kit packing, print-on-demand services, and third-party logistics – under one roof and one workflow.

The new facility will be located next to the company’s headquarters in Miamisburg, an ideal, nationally recognized geographic center for distribution with optimal ground and air access. The facility will be a high-bay, narrow-aisle, 100% climate and humidity-controlled structure, and incorporate the latest technology for accuracy and efficiency.

The new fulfillment center provides ample opportunity to accept more clients seeking cost-effective outsourced fulfillment services.