Higher Education

Increasing Application and Enrollment Rates

A Midwestern University wanted to grow their existing Student Search Program that is focused on prospective new students and is segmented by course of study, geographical area, and additional interests to increase their application and enrollment rates.

Campaign Objectives:

  • Educate prospective students about the university‘s mission, garner mindshare, and build brand awareness therefore increasing revenue by widening information on the value proposition this institution offers and increase enrollment
  • Generate “prospects“ by engaging qualified “suspects“, capturing profiles, and identifying opportunities for the university‘s value proposition.
  • Create dialogue between “Prospects“ and the university
  • Build upon and refine the university‘s Student Search/Lead Nurturing Process
  • Develop, test, refine, and implement a long term Student Search/Lead Nurturing Strategy for 2016 and beyond.


Deployed an integrated campaign utilizing direct mail and email touches that are personalized to the individual student by academic interest and a personalized URL. We did this by using Think Patented‘s Leads360 platform*. Part of this included ongoing drip messaging such as variable content including direct mail pieces and emails. We also created a microsite which included personalized landing pages that are tailored to the interests of the user. A personalized thank you page and email was sent out as well. Social media integration was a very important aspect to this campaign. And these parts all encouraged students to respond in their rapid response admission program.
*Leads360 is a robust marketing automation solution that utilizes proven marketing principles, industry leading software, innovative logic that assists clients with lead nurturing, acquisition marketing, drip campaigns, tradeshow success programs and much more.


  • Provided automated delivery touch
  • Presented real time lead delivery
  • Sped up communication with prospective students
  • Prioritized more attention and efforts on engaged students

End Results:

  • The university was very pleased with the results
  • Significant increase in applications, more than 2000 applications
  • Drove prospective students to visit campus
  • Exceeded enrollment goal of 600, with 636 members in the new class
  • It is the largest class in the history of the university

Additional Facts:

  • Students came from 32 states and 11 foreign countries
  • Greatest number of students from Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin (expected)
  • Breakdown of students’ locations: California: 16, Minnesota:14, Florida: 11, Texas: 7, Arizona: 4, Nevada: 4, Indiana: 3, Nebraska: 3, New Jersey: 3, Georgia: 2, Hawaii: 2, Kansas: 2, North Dakota: 2, Ohio: 2, South Carolina: 2, and Virginia: 2
  • 12 students were the only ones from their state
  • Out of country locations: England, Ethiopia, Germany, Ghana, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Netherlands, and Saudi Arabia
  • 365 different high schools
  • 63 came from local high schools
  • 302 students, 48%, were the only enrolled student from their high school, 52% are attending with another student from their high school.