Trends Transforming Wide Format Printing

Wide-format, or display graphics, printing will face expanded growth opportunities in 2023. The growth of the display graphics market is largely dependent on the advertising industry. Large format signs and graphics are used as tools to direct consumers, attract attention, and generate excitement at the point of sale. Display graphics signage is also applicable for trade show and event marketing, posters, and banners. The rising applications of large format printing in advertising, packaging, and textile industries will boost the wide format print market.

Think Patented recently added new technology that includes the HP Latex R Printer Series. The new equipment sharpens the quality of printing on any rigid substrate with the most vibrant colors and the glossiest whites. The water-based HP Latex Inks provide high adhesion and outstanding scratch resistance. The printer is ideal for short runs and to create high-impact customized packaging or bold display graphics. The equipment provides application versatility, a high level of end-product quality, increased productivity, and sustainability.

The growing localized nature of the wide format market has also resulted in increased demand for short-run packaging. Wide format printers can provide niche packaging to specialty product manufacturers or local retailers, and across various industrial sectors, including food and beverage, electrical and electronics, leisure, and furniture. Demand for products from these sectors will continue to grow and is anticipated to bolster the demand for large format printers in 2023 (Mordor Intelligence). ​

Let’s look at a few major trends impacting the wide format business.

  • Creativity in design and applications – customers are demanding unique ideas and a higher level of creative solutions. Print businesses must step up to realize business growth with these customers. This will come from providing new products and services or finding innovative ways to enhance the final product.
  • Automated processes to help wide format printers work smarter – ensuring operations run efficiently means reducing costs, errors, and wastage while improving productivity, workload capacity, and time to market. According to the last published Federation of European Screen Printers Associations (FESPA) Census, “72% of print businesses are seeing increased demand from customers for faster turnaround times, and 59% believe that customer demand for “just in time” deliveries will increase.” Increased use of automation by wide format printers will be required to meet customer requirements. It is a matter of working smarter and automation of processes is the way to achieve this. Hewlett Packard offers, “Workflow and automation technology can make all the difference. It can help improve the way print businesses operate by helping them quote more accurately, negotiate better prices with suppliers, and see where cost efficiencies can be made. Plus, software and services can also enable businesses to grab new opportunities—building a digital presence to capture orders online, for instance.”
  • Sustainability – Customers are asking about wide format printers’ environmentally friendly policies before making a printer selection. This is driven by a desire to be more socially responsible. Recent HP research reveals that 85% of wide format customers now demand sustainable products and practices. The research is supported by the Widthwise study which showed that in 2020, 81% of wide format customers regarded sustainable print solutions as “more important” than two years previously. 48% of respondents said their environmental focus for 2023 was to measure and/or reduce their carbon footprint.

Think Patented is focused on emerging trends for 2023. It offers wide format printing capabilities with equipment that is modern and well maintained, experienced professional operators, sustainable operation, fast turnaround time, and unmatched service and support. With an in-house graphic design group that can work directly with customers to develop unique solutions, Think Patented makes the printing process smooth and painless. The company embraces innovative ideas and is willing to work with you to impress your clients or company with creative wide format solutions.

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