Seven Steps to a Competitive Advantage

Are you struggling with keeping up with the speed of today’s marketing demands? How are you balancing traditional marketing approaches with new digitally-based tools? It is a lot to expect from marketing managers to be able to keep up with changing trends, the increasing speed required to meet market/audience needs, and the wisdom to recognize the way customers want to be attracted and then served. That is a lot to expect and the potential risks are missed opportunities, unresponsive prospects, under-informed customers, and burnt-out marketing heads.

Too often, companies find that what worked in the past is no longer effective and that what is new in terms of digital approaches is overwhelming or confusing. It takes more than one person to meet the requirements needed in building a powerful marketing function. It is mandatory today to tap into the knowledge, skills, and drive of a full marketing team to best serve your company, the sales team, and your customers. 

David McNerney, president of Think Patented, sums it up well by stating, “As you endeavor to achieve your marketing ambitions, we can’t help but think that part of the recipe of your success will be the joy that comes from the support you provide your clients.” Of course, the focus of the marketing team is always on attracting and converting prospects to loyal customers in partnership with the sales team, but how is this accomplished in today’s marketplace? Marketers must understand and respect buyers’ requirements for solicitation and follow-up contact.

Rather than bemoan the aspects of today’s marketplace, marketers must approach the situation with joy and excitement. But how does the head of the marketing function tap into the team members to best serve the company? I can provide you with a successful approach that will accomplish the following:

  • Increase the involvement of team members to achieve results for the company
  • Relieve some of the pressure on the marketing function head
  • Secure retention of talented team members.

According to Brad Wolff, Managing Director for JumpVine, an Atlanta-based Workforce Optimization firm, there is a seven-step process based on sound principles that will help put a focus on leveraging your internal talent.


EMPLOYEE ALIGNMENT – Duties performed by employees should fit their innate characteristics.


CULTURE OF GROWTH – Growth and development includes an increased awareness of self and others.


MISSION ORIENTED – People have an innate need for meaning and purpose in what they do.


ORGANIZATIONAL VALUES – People need to feel they fit in with their social groups.


ALIGNING GOALS – Organizational goals and strategies must change to adapt.


ASSESSING WEAKNESSES – When leaders openly and honestly acknowledge “challenge areas,” this sets an example for others.


COMMITMENT – Thriving in an unpredictable world is about your willingness to acknowledge change, openly discuss it, and consistently take the actions required to adapt and emerge stronger. 

Further, Stonor, a creative marketing agency, states that the team “is actually really important for productivity. It builds trust, encourages communication, and increases collaboration – all of which means you’ll benefit more from engaged employees. According to Forbes, team building can be one of the most significant workplace investments you’ll make.”

2022 has been and 2023 will be, “the year of risk-taking in marketing. Your marketing team will need to be ready to embrace new strategies and approach their work from new angles. The wealth of new and innovative digital marketing initiatives provides many directions to take your marketing efforts. Marketing in the future may mean taking things in a new direction than your usual approach. It may include introducing more visuals, video and considering personalization at every touchpoint,” according to Bannerflow, specialists in creative management. When you include omnichannel marketing efforts into the marketing function, a talented marketing team can help you bring success to your efforts.

The seven steps above have been proven successful in building and tapping into the knowledge and talents of the marketing team to achieve outstanding results for the customer. The other professional marketing experts quoted herein offered important information about building and tapping into a solid marketing team. The opportunity for success increases when you have built a solid team and include them in resolving the many challenges the marketing function faces daily. This approach also helps in recognizing changing trends in the marketplace and coming up with effective solutions to achieve results. The secret to building competitive advantage starts with a strong marketing function that “fears no evil” but rather understands and applies the appropriate tool to assure positive results for customers.

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