How to Use Direct Mail in 2022

Just like many other marketing tools, direct mail has refocused itself to increase response rates in 2022. Direct mail is alive and well but some things have evolved, for example the days of “spray and pray” mailings are over. The most effective use of direct mail today are targeted mailings that are personalized to the recipient. Proper use of direct mail results in positive response rates and next-step interaction. Success in 2022 results from an understanding of the customer and taking advantage of the most recent trends in effective direct mail utilization.

Some of the direct mail  trends for 2022 include:

  1. Size Matters – Larger size postcards up to 11” long by 6” high qualify for Automated or Presort rates. The advantage of the larger size is that you have more room for headlines, images, and other call to actions, for pennies more and they attract more attention.
  2. Concise Copy – Keep your copy concise and focused. People read less and rely more on images. Give them what they want. Focus on one message rather than every product or service you offer. Make sure your call to action is clear. Include the use of interactive technologies like QR Codes, Purls, or the Voice Activated Call to Action platform.
  3. Large Imagery – From a design standpoint, dynamic promotions with large imagery, airy layouts, and strong calls to action create higher response rates. Combine these with newly advanced print techniques that are tactile and sensory to add a “wow” impact.
  4. Informed Delivery – This effective direct mail tool is poised to grow. Factors driving this growth include the significant rise in household subscriber rates and consistently strong consumer adoption. There are 43 million users currently which is a 38% growth in the past year alone.
  5. Personalization – The demand for custom, personalized campaigns with individualized offers will continue to rise in 2022. Combine full-color variable data print capabilities, along with dynamic content management solutions, to offer very personalized pieces that really draw the attention of the recipient.
  6. Omnichannel – Interacting with customers and prospects is no longer a one-way street. To more effectively engage with your audience, include omnichannel marketing tools to your direct mail campaign such as Think Patented’s Mail360. It is an advanced marketing platform that integrates your direct mail with digital media like Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Then it seamlessly tracks the effectiveness of your campaign via a marketing dashboard.

Direct mail volumes will rebound in 2022 to almost pre-pandemic levels. To make a better connection with a prospect or customer, you need to focus on their wants and needs as an individual. Direct mail is an effective way to reach targeted recipients with a personalized message and call to action combined with an omnichannel experience to drive them to take the next step in your selling process, if not all the way to conversion.

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